Tips For Selling Your Caravan or RV


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Tips For Selling Your Caravan or RV
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Date Listed : 16, Jul 2013

Selling your caravan or RV may seem like a daunting task, however there are a few tips that will make the whole process so much more enjoyable and stress-free.

The first place to start is by doing some research on the current recreational vehicle market. Browsing through online classifieds and magazine ads is a good place to start.

Prepare for inspection! First impressions are critical so be sure to present your caravan or RV in an appealing manner. Remember, you may only get one shot at it so it's in your best interest to have your unit detailed or at the very least cleaned up prior to any inspection. Nobody likes a dirty smelly van so be sure to air it out and clean the carpets, upholstery and fixtures. Any minor defects that could potentially hold up a sale should also be repaired ahead of time.

It's a good idea to print up an info sheet that you can display in the window, especially if you have it parked in a public area or caravan park. You may not always be there but the piece of paper in the window will be. Details of your info sheet should include; Make, model, year, features, specifications, any modifications or upgrades, contact details, price, and any other details you wish to list.

Setting a price. Sales data from similar units can help establish an asking price, however, any modifications or upgrades you have made should also be taken into consideration. It is important when setting an asking price that it's not too high. Potential buyers will be less likely to enquire about your van if it is priced too high. Your price needs to be realistic but should also have negotiation dollars factored into it. Aussies love a bargain so be prepared to negotiate.

Now that you've done your market research, got your caravan in white glove inspection order, and set an asking price, it's time to advertise your van. There are many cost effective places to advertise including; online RV classifieds, Caravan & RV magazines, newspaper, RV forums and clubs just to name a few.

Just like selling a property, a good advertising strategy is important to get a faster sale and selling a home on wheels is no different. Online classifieds ads are usually the lowest cost option and draw in the most interest. It is well worth the time writing a compelling Ad that makes the buyer want to pick up the phone and call you. When writing your Ad it's important not too babble on or you'll lose the potential buyers interest very quickly. Keep your Ad copy short, sharp, and to the point.

By putting the above few tips into action, you'll have a much more pleasant experience selling your caravan or RV.

Good luck!

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