Pre-travel Caravan Checklist


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Pre-travel Caravan Checklist
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Date Listed : 28, Apr 2013

As the excitement of your upcoming trip builds, it's highly recommended that you, your caravan, and your vehicle are properly prepared for the journey ahead.

Below is a basic list of checks that should be carried out before you hit the road. It's a good idea to make this checklist part of your routine as safety is the number one priority! Carrying out these checks not only takes just a few minutes, but will give you peace of mind knowing that you rig is safe and ready to travel.

Treat this list as a guide only and feel free to alter it to suit your individual requirements.


  • Ensure fuel tank(s) full and have spare fuel if traveling long distances
  • Check oil level – engine and transmission
  • Check coolant level
  • Check condition of all hoses
  • Check fan belt tension and condition
  • Check brake fluid level
  • Ensure tyre pressure is at manufactures specifications
  • Ensure all lights are operational
  • Be sure mirrors secured, adjusted correctly, and clean!
  • Attach insect screen in front of radiator grill

Caravan Interior:

  • Ensure cupboards and drawers are securely closed
  • Ensure table is secured
  • Check that all containers with liquids in the fridge are sealed and the door locked
  • Ensure windows and hatches are closed
  • Ensure no loose items in cupboards or on shelves
  • Ensure fire extinguisher is fitted and in a practical location

Caravan Exterior: Prior to holiday

  • Gas bottle filled, secured, and within servicable date
  • Water tanks filled
  • Brakes checked and adjusted if required
  • Wheel bearings checked/greased/adjusted
  • Spring shackles lubricated (this is easier if van is jacked up to remove load off shackles).
  • Wheel nuts tight
  • Condition of tyres
  • Ensure tyre pressure is at manufactures specifications
  • Ensure all lights are operational

Before Moving Off:

  • Jockey wheel removed or secured
  • Lights operating correctly
  • Gas turned off
  • Tyres inflated correctly
  • Doors locked and steps raised
  • Jacks raised or safety stands removed
  • Wheel chocks removed
  • Hand brake released
  • Electrical connection between car and van secured
  • 240V electrical lead disconnected
  • Water and/or sullage hose disconnected
  • Towing equipment correctly fitted
  • Safety chains secured
  • TV antenna lowered

Spare Parts Which May Be Useful:

  • Fan belt
  • Radiator hose
  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Spare wheel and tyre to suit caravan
  • Tube to suit car and caravan tyre
  • Insulation tape, duct tape
  • Electrical wire

Tools and Equipment:

  • Basic tool kit (pliers, screwdrivers, shifter ect.)
  • Zip ties
  • Assortment of tools to suit sizes on car & caravan
  • Tyre levers
  • Wheel brace to suit wheel nuts on car and caravan
  • Jack to suit car and caravan
  • Tyre gauge
  • Tyre inflator
  • Wheel chocks
  • Blocks for placing under corner stabilisers when ground is soft or under a wheel when site not level

Remember, safety is the No.1 priority so please take the time to carry out these basic checks before you venture off.  It could save your life, or somebody else's.

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