Water Filtration for your Recreational Vehicle


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Water Filtration for your Recreational Vehicle
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Date Listed : 20, Jan 2013

As the scenery changes... so does the quality of your drinking water.

You always know where you are going, but you never really know what you are drinking. You need to control your water quality given the present state of our water supply.

Roadsafe Water Filters recognize the growing need and demand for constant quality and safe drinking water wherever your journey takes you.

Water filters and purifiers have become a popular caravan accessory. Chinese imports are flooding the market at a rapid rate and many caravan accessory outlets have been quick to seize on the opportunity to cash in on the growing demand. The Internet has seen its fair share of entrepreneurs who know little about water filtration and cannot backup or support the products they sell.

The alarming statistic is that 98% of all imported caravan and RV filters and purifiers are:

• NOT tested
• NOT certified
• WITHOUT quality control assurance
• WITHOUT standard approval

They are also cheap and manage to fool most Internet bargain hunters. The labelling they use is very deceptive and may show the American flag or claim "US design" to dupe consumers into thinking they are dealing with a genuine US product.

Both the Hi Flo and Voyager water purifier models supplied by Roadsafe Water Filters are:

• Quality Assured
• AS 4348 certified for live Giardia removal
• Standards Approved.

Types of water filter systems commonly used in RV and caravan water filtration

Point of Entry Water Filtration

These types of filters are the most commonly seen RV style filters, simply because they are highly visible when in use whilst travelling.

You commonly see them swinging from a caravan drawbar or on the sides of a van. They connect to the incoming water supply provided by the caravan park and reconnect on the outlet side of the system to the caravan or motorhome supply tap, once again commonly found somewhere on the drawbar of the van.

These types of water purification systems filter all incoming tap water to the van or camper.

That’s why careful consideration needs to be given to the use of these water filtration systems. If the van or motorhome is “wet”, i.e. showers involved, the water purifier lifespan is compromised severely, as all van water, including showering, is filtered. Statistics show that over 70 percent of water used in a wet van situation goes to drain, hence water filter replacements will occur far more frequently in these situations and as a consequence, serious consideration should be given to a point of use water filtration system in all wet van situations.

The Single In Line Point of Entry Water Purification System

This system is very popular, especially with the budget conscious buyers. It is ideal for the weekend warrior, ie just a few weeks away per year, school holidays etc.

These systems are great for smell, taste and odour removal, but certainly not bugs like Giardia and cryptosporidium elimination. A single filter cartridge can be rated for bug removal, however at the flow rates required to enter vans and motorhomes, it will severely restrict flow rate into the van, and as a general rule should keep causing so much backpressure, that the incoming filter hose should constantly blow off at the hose connector.

If you have a single inline claiming to do bugs and it:

1. lasts more than a week or so and
2. doesn’t blow off the hose continually,

Chances are its not doing what it claims and that so called eBay bargain is really a dud, from a bacterial viewpoint.

The Dual Point of Entry Water Filtration System

The preferred point of entry choice, not because they cost more, but because a good water filter really does the job.

A note of caution here! Like the single in line water purifier, always ensure you check the designated flow rates of these water filtration systems. Most sold in Australia are simply generic home water filtration systems converted with a few adaptors to suit drinking water hose sizing. However the internals of the water purification systems are still moulded and configured for conventional domestic water flow rates.

Durability and UV resistance and tolerance are also factors that need to be considered when choosing your caravan or RV water filters.

Roadsafe Water Filters manufacture to Australian Standards, they do manufacture to match caravan drinking water hose flow rates, and they do ensure all our Australian Made water purifier products are UV stabilized and pressure tested during the manufacturing process so as to meet the Australian Plumbing CODE mp52.

Point of Use Filtration

These water filtration systems are designed to treat one water outlet only at the sink.

Consideration should be given to how they are installed, size of system, performance and ease of maintenance.

RV cupboard space is always at a premium. No one wants to compromise this space, commonly needed for storage.

Installation is also a vital consideration. So many different fittings, so many different clamps and assembly styles.

Mounting the water purification system needs to allow for versatility, i.e. vertical and horizontal installation, so it can be fitted in the smallest and tightest of spaces.

Inline Vs 2-way Water Filtration Systems?

Do you install an inline water filtration system filtering all coldwater from the tap, or is consideration given to the installation of a purpose built RV freshwater drinking tap i.e. two-way freedom of unfiltered water for washing hands and benches, and filtered water just for drinking, cooking and ice cubes.

Naturally water filter cartridge life is extended significantly with a two-way water purification system, whereas pricing and easier fit out is found in the inline water purifier variety.

Freecamping and 4WD Filtration

In situations where space is critical and or where containers are filled, representing the sole water storage device(instead of proper water tanks,) as is the case in many 4 wheel drive and open camping situations, a new water filter product called the 'Trekker' should be considered.

Ideally the 'Trekker' simply clamps into any standard hose line and filters water being poured into the plastic containers or tanks.

This is ideal where free camping occurs, simply hook-up to a national park water tap and filter the water into the containers.

The entire water filtration system is no larger than a clenched fist or half a standard 600ml coke bottle.

It stores simply in any refrigerator when not in use and not only handles tastes, smells, and chlorine, but copes reasonably well with bore water as well.

The "Trekker' saves lugging clean water from site to site, and delivers fresh drinking water on demand.

Always ensure food grade drinking water hose, and not garden hose is used at all times.

For more information on these quality filtration systems click here

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