New Caravans - The Key Considerations


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New Caravans - The Key Considerations
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Date Listed : 20, Jan 2013

Caravans appeal to many people, those who want the simplistic pleasures of the open road and those who want to have more affordable holidays for themselves and their families. However the new caravans market is packed with different models touting features and services that to the newcomer can be confusing and befuddling. Fundamentally you need to understand your own needs before purchasing; it can be expensive so ensuring the right decision is made is essential. Hopefully the following article will give the reader information on exactly what kind of considerations need to be made before buying new caravans.

The first and major consideration that must be made is the weight of the caravan. This is down to the fact that your towing vehicle will have a limit to the weight it can tow. For those new to the world of caravanning the importance of this can be underestimated; this however is a major mistake, your vehicle will have a maximum, towing weight for a reason, towing anything heavier could be seriously dangerous. Normally this information can be found in the car's handbook although there are a number of internet websites that will allow buyers to enter their vehicle details into a system that will produce a list of suitable caravans.

The overall shape of any caravans being viewed should also be a concern. The older variety of caravans are likely to squarer in form and will increase the drag on your outfit subsequently increasing costs in the long run in terms of fuel efficiency. As fuel prices today are extremely high it is an understandable concern that fuel should be used efficiently, this is why new caravans utilize more streamlined design as this will decrease the drag and increase the fuel efficiency. For those who are especially concerned with fuel prices it is possible to buy Caravans that are collapsible, these flat pack outfits do reduce drag but are in no way as comfortable as rigid variants however.

Caravans vary in length and size immensely. While the showier caravan owners may be inclined to buy the largest most opulent outfit this is not always advisable for newcomers. The longer the outfit the harder it is to park and control, hence first timers should consider a smaller caravan, at least for an introductory period. If space is a major consideration there is always the option to pack an awning, this will be not only cheaper but also will make the outfit easier to park, with no sacrifice being made on space. In addition longer caravans are often susceptible to higher fees on toll roads and ferries, especially on the continent.

In the majority of cases new caravans come in two axle varieties, single and double. Normally it is the largest outfits that require two axles and smaller varieties only one. Even so, single axle variants are easier to park and while in the past they may have been less stable, today they are just as stable as double axle varieties.

It is hoped that this article has given new caravanners the vital information they need to purchase an outfit. If these considerations are made it should be possible to find the perfect outfit. With a logical and conscientious approach years of caravanning pleasure should be a very real and attainable possibility.

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