10 Tips for Travelling with Your Partner


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10 Tips for Travelling with Your Partner
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Date Listed : 04, Mar 2013

1) Expectations: Set the expectations of your travelling adventure together before you go. Communicating your feelings will ensure that those expectations have the best chance of being met.

2) Planning: The ‘dreaming and scheming’ phase of an adventure is almost as fun as the real thing, so plan your trip together. Read books, pour over maps and talk to seasoned caravanners.

3) Space: Caravanning together doesn’t mean you must be prepared for constant companionship. Decide together how much time you would like to spend apart during your trip. Should too much time together become tedious, you need to both empathetically communicate the need for solitary time.

4) Sociability: You’ll have the chance to befriend new people on the road, so decide whether you are seeking exclusive time together, or a broader social experience.

5) Patience: Life on the road brings your partner's idiosyncrasies into high relief. Does your partner need to pack a suitcase and a snakebite kit for a short walk? Or refuse your navigational help when you’re lost? Patience and tolerance of your partner’s quirks will be more important than ever.

6) Routines: Routines can make you feel more at ease amid unfamiliar surroundings. Collecting water, setting up camp, washing clothes and preparing food together are all simple routines that will ground even the most challenging journey.

7) Respite: Take a holiday from your holiday occasionally. Long journeys are challenging, and it's important to take weekends or days off just as you would at home. Plan something completely different on your time off. Go out to dinner, a concert, a movie, or dancing. Time off is also a good opportunity to absorb what you've experienced and consider how to proceed.

8) Romance: Camping can be as romantic as you choose to make it. Take time to soak up spectacular sunsets, sleep under the stars, spend time talking and sharing, and make sure there’s room for spontaneity in your schedule.

9) Memories: Don’t forget to take your camera and diary so you can keep a permanent record of your time together. If you’re not keen on photography, buy a postcard in every port of call and write the highlights on the back so you capture the memories forever.

10) Humour: Don't forget to pack your sense of humour! You'll make mistakes, plans will go awry, you'll get frustrated with each another, so a sense of humour is essential.

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