RVMAA survey seeks RV owner feedback


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RVMAA survey seeks RV owner feedback
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Date Listed : 12, May 2011

The Recreational Vehicles Manufacturers Association of Australia (RVMAA) is asking RV owners about their RVs in a new survey on the RVMAA website.

“Tell us about your RV” is part of the newly introduced “Talk to Us” section of the website, which can be visited at www.rvmaa.com.au.

RVMAA president Richard Raven said the RVMAA would use the survey to advise Members on how RV owners felt about the RV buying and ownership experience.

“An important role of the RVMAA is to help its Members improve on the already high standards they set themselves for the design and manufacture of their RVs,” he said.

“We have created this survey to give us a picture of the areas that owners consider most important, and thereby to help Members prioritise their development programs.

“The survey asks owners of both new and used caravans and RVs to let us know about their experience and to tell us about any areas needing our attention.

“Results will be collated to help us prioritise industry development activities, and individual Member manufacturers will be notified of any concerns specific to them.”

Mr Raven said survey responses and results would not be published, but survey respondents would receive a personal reply if their response called for one.

“Members will receive the collated results and the responses specific to their own products, but not the results for other Members and not any details identifying the respondents,” he said.

“Where a respondent requires a reply, the RVMAA itself will follow through on their behalf without identifying them to the Member.”


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